Advocating & Protecting the Children of Maui County

Since 1989

The Friends of the Children’s Justice Center of Maui (FCJC) is a private, non-profit corporation, founded in 1989 by a nonpartisan group of community and business leaders concerned with the social welfare of children and families who have been traumatized by abuse and severe neglect.

The Mission of the FCJC has three parts…..

To provide support for the healing of abused and neglected children.
We do this by receiving requests from over 40 social services agencies and other professions for services or items that will help with the healing of the child. These services could be for education or tutoring, counseling, medical, transportation, social activities, sports activities, after-school programs, self-esteem issues, school needs and everything in between.

To promote prevention of child abuse and neglect.
We accomplish this task by creating and distributing a 16-page supplement in the Maui News about child abuse and neglect prevention; by producing and distributing DVD’s on “Mandated Reporting” and “Shaken Baby Syndrome”; by participating in several community-wide forums such as “Keiki Fest”; by distributing two newsletters annually; and by participating in the 2009 PREVENT Institute, the Ho’oikaika Partners prevention committee and the Hawaii Children’s Trust Fund Prevention Campaign.

To advocate for the Children’s Justice Center of Maui.
The CJC is part of the State Judiciary, and is the safe and nurturing facility where suspected victims of child sexual abuse and extreme physical abuse are brought for an interview and possible forensic examination.


On behalf of the Board of Directors of the Friends of the Children’s Justice Center of Maui and I, we would like to thank you for your support for over 34 years to help us assist the children of abuse and neglect in Maui County.

Your support and generosity have helped the Friends achieve our goals to promote community awareness of child abuse and or neglect, to support the Children’s Justice Center, and to provide the much needed services to help these children recover from the damaging effects of their abuse. This past year, our agency assisted well over 900 children with direct needs for healing, and during the holidays we were able to brighten the lives of over 2000 children of abuse and or neglect in Maui County.

Please understand how important your participation in child abuse prevention is in our community. We appreciate your generous support and future support. You have and continue to show all of us the true meaning of giving.

Paul Tonnessen
Executive Director

Legacy Gift Program

What kind of legacy will you leave behind? Will the world be a better place because you have lived? Consider making a difference in the lives of children of abuse and neglect that we serve by including us in your estate planning. Contact us about our Legacy Gift Program.

What To Do

Critical resources if you, or someone you know, is a victim of child abuse.