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My name is Annmaria Burnett from Child Welfare Services on Maui, I am writing this letter to acknowledge that Children Justice Center and staff has provided continuous referral requests for the foster children and families of Child Welfare Services.

I want to acknowledge how important the Children Justice Center has helped the foster children and the families in the accomplishments that enhanced their lives.

The children ages from 0-17 yrs of age, this is some of the mentioned requests that put a smile on the child (children’s) faces: lap tops, bus passes, music instrument for school, gymnastic, Christmas gifts, etc.

Children Justice Center and staff has done a tremendous job for the foster children at Child Welfare Services. It is extremely important to have Children Justice Center to continue to service the foster children and the families on Maui.

Mahalo for your Kokua towards the children and families of Child Welfare Services.

The Maui Farm has benefited from the supportive services provided by the Friends of the Children’s Justice Center for almost twenty years, and it is hard to imagine not having this wonderful organization in our community advocating and providing for the needs of our keiki.

The Maui Farm works with children and youth who often have special needs, and the Friends are there to help us get that special sports equipment, or a musical instrument and lessons, or other items that allow our keiki to participate in community activities along with their peers.

Each Christmas, the Friends provide great gifts for our keiki, ensuring that no child is forgotten on Christmas morning and reminding us all that it is in giving that we receive. This support helps to alleviate stress and contribute to the family’s holiday cheer. We are so grateful for our collaboration with the Friends of the Children’s Justice Center, and we thank them for all that they do for The Maui Farm and our Maui community.

The Friends of CJC is a key partner to the overall mission of the Family Health Services Division of the State Department of Health. The Friends of CJC fulfills many of the protective factors to strengthen maltreated children and youths, their families and their communities.

Christmas is a very difficult time for children in the foster care system The Friends of the children’s justice center have donated hundreds of gifts to our annual Christmas party event.

Thank you so much for your thoughtfulness.

I would like to express my appreciation to the Maui Friends of the Children’s Justice Center.  Year after year the kindness and generosity of this agency has touched many of our keiki’s lives in one way or another.  Christmas gifts is just one of the ways that  we have been blessed to have the MFCJC.  Throughout the year,  MFCJC  makes it possible for our keiki to receive birthday gifts, laptops, bus passes, clothing,  airline tickets, and many more.  They are vital to our mission and our keiki here in Maui County.

In addition,  each year the CWS staff has been a recepient of the MFCJC.  Through the MFCJC  I have been able to reward the CWS staff of Maui County to a one day retreat out of the office to thank them for their hard work and dedication.  We  have come to enjoy and love this annual event and each year we look foward to yet another year. It is this kind of  love and support ,  that make our jobs here at CWS a lot easier.

I would like to thank you and the wonderful organization you work with at Childrens Justice Center.  During this holiday season the staff at Child Welfare Services have been able to bless the children with christmas gifts and the children have been so happy to receive these gifts.  The gesture of a gift allows us to say to the children that we are thinking of them, we haven’t forgotten about them and that we care about them.  In addition, these children have experienced unfortunate hardships at such a young age and some do not have the opportunity to spend the holiday’s with their families so it allows us to tell them they are not alone and  we want them to think of the staff at Child Welfare as well as Children’s Justice Center as their extended family that they can trust and rely on.   Your organization is such a valuable resource to Child Welfare Services because as a deparment under the state, we don’t have any additional funding.  We are kind of like the poor helping out the unfortunate chidren.  With your assistance you allow us to make things possible.

Last week, I was able to go with Lester to Maui Food Bank and I did not realize that it is because of the Children’s Justice Center that we are able to obtain a valuable resource that every growing child needs.  I was able to provide a family with food during the holiday season while they struggle financially.  The children were excited to help me carry the food I obtained from Maui Food Bank into their home.  I observed the children making plans to take a snack to their christmas party at school on their last day of school before the holiday break.  It was a blessing in disguise because these children took what I blessed them with and blessed other children at their school with a snack provided all because CJC assists CWS in obtaining a simple resource that they otherwise were lacking in.

In addition, Purchase Orders provided to a child during the turmoil is such a relief to everyone’s piece of mind.  Being able to provide the child as well as the resource caregiver with the necessary clothing a child needs during the first few hectic days is another valuable resource.  Without these purchase orders we as a department cannot provide a better situation for the child.  These purchase orders allow strangers to bond giving both the resource caregiver and the child that sense of relief that they need in those first critical days.

Overall, the staff at Child Welfare would not be able to accomplish things we would like to accomplish without the blessings of the “Friends of the Children’s Justice Center.”

Mandated Reporting Law

mandated-reporting-lawIn response to changes in the State of Hawaii's chapter 350 law surrounding mandated reporting for child abuse and or neglect, the Friends of the Children's Justice Center of Maui released our Mandated Reporting Film in 2014, linked below. Details regarding the law are included in the Mandated Reporting Law Brochure, linked below.

View the Mandated Reporting Film

Download the Mandated Reporting Law Brochure